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Katia Hanine

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Katia rapidly fell in love with the world of fashion and beauty when she was looking at magazines with her grand-mother at the age of four. Fashionista since then, she was look at her aunt’s make-up and was dreaming of owning Lancôme or MAC one day.  In highschool, she was standing out of the crowd by her exentric, but affordable style. Passionate about fashon and beauty, she decided to create her own blog in 2012: Lapiz of Luxury. The blog expanded rapidly and was qualified among the best Canadian blogs. Katia now shares her passion with #BeautyAndTheCity.

« I started to be interested in the mysterious world of beauty around 20 years old. The obsession really started when I started to watch Youtube. Today I am the beauty adviser of many of my friends. I can now share my passion in my blog and with #BeautyAndTheCity.  »