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Frederik Daneault Duguay

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Student in Communication Studies at University of Montreal, Frédérik always loved everything involving Medias even though in Cegep she wanted to become a psychologist. Today, she’ll be able to join the two domains by collaborating with Blog and the city in the Life section. Best of both worlds right? Frédérik loves life and lives it to the fullest. She loves helping people around her and is always there to listen. Like a wind of freshness, she’ll be sharing with us inspirational things that will perhaps make you see life in a more positive and different way. In a totally different domain, Frederik also works at the renowned makeup store, Sephora. Yes, another makeup junkie! So, she’ll also be sharing her beauty advices as well as the all-time favorites.

‘’ I would describe myself like a positive person. A person who listens and is always there for loved ones. Though, I’m not perfect, far from that. I have my bad days too. It’s normal. I mean, we just have to repeat to ourselves that everything’s going to be alright. Times solves most of things. ‘’