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An artist at heart and especially in is life Patriq Chénier is a theater and cinema lover. Young director and actor he founded the theater company ‘Le Théâtre En Marge’ where some productions (‘Cul sec’ and ‘Et Si Dieu Jouait Aux Dés?’) Will be successful. Coming from a background in film and radio communication it is via the world of blog that he has found his voice : writing. He told about his former blog ‘Chat noir, chat gris c’est pareil la nuit’ that he gave way to short stories whose universe reminiscent of the short movies. One of his short has also been published.

A lover of adventure it is through the journey he discovers one of his new passions. During a backpacking adventure in Europe, he discovered the freedom and especially the pretext of participating in his own films, any travel stories because for him, an adventure is like a real film. He wants to share with you a taste for travel otherwise, that of thinking outside the box and dare a little more. His travel stories could become yours.