Jolyanne LeDuc

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Jolyanne fell in love with the “world of beauty” when she was 18. She is curious, so she read a lot to find out more about make-up techniques and got inspire by great make-up artists of this world:  Rae Morris, François Nars, Kevin Aucoin et Bruno Rhéaume. She discovered also she was good at teaching others and so she share her passion will a lot of people on her  YouTube channel, « DivaJoly ». She offers practical make-up tips and has a lot of fun with it. She always gives clear explanations about the wonderful world of cosmetics.

« I’m always looking for the perfect creme, the mascara that will make my lashes most beautiful, the fondation that will give me a doll complexion or the best brush to realise a perfect smoky eye! In the day to day, my make-up is very simple and I take care of my skin. But, I’m not afraid to dare blod colors and I enjoy evening looks and glamour! For me, make-up is a game. Do you want to play with me? :P »